March 12, 2009

Starting Solids

So today was an eventful day! Rachel started on rice cereal. I cannot believe my little newborn is ready for real food already. She did pretty good on her first try too. Here is the video...(please excuse the throw up sounds from Adam)


March 11, 2009


So this is me today...

I know...yuck. I was in my PJs all day. I knew I was feeling something scratchy in the back of my throat yesterday, and then when I woke up at 6am to feed Rachel, I felt miserable and achy. I immediately texted Adam to pick up some Dayquil on his way home from work.

I hope it goes away soon, since I am suppose to have surgery next week. I just thank God Adam was off today. He took care of me, I even got a nap in. It was a very blah day to say the least. I hate feeling sick. It used to be fun....when I was a kid. I could miss school and get all kinds of attention and be catered to. Now, it sux. I still have to wake up in the night to feed Rachel and wake up with Evan. I still have to care for everyone. Hopefully it is just a minor cold. Boring post, sorry if you wasted time reading this.

March 10, 2009

Evan's birthday blowout

It was an overwhelmly busy weekend. There were some stressful moments, yet satisfying minutes at the end of the day.

It all began when one of my best friends, LB, arrived with her 16 month old daughter Audrey. Audrey is Evan's girlfriend. They are betrothed. She is so sweet and adorable. It was nice to have the extra help around and some great company. We had a good old time relaxing in our jetted tub with homemade margaritas and we even got to see a movie. (I suggest you don't see Confession of a Shopoholic unless you like wasting your time.)

My friend LB drove out from Vegas for Evan's 2nd birthday party. It went very well. I am not sure how many people came but there were a lot…too many too count and unfortunately too many for me to talk to. I wish I could have chatted with you all but it's just so hard at those types of events. It was suppose to be kept small but the guest list kept growing.

We set up and decorated the night before and cooked the day of. Next time, we might cook the night before and decorate the morning of. It was madness! The helium balloons were on the floor when I woke up and I don't think Adam even had a chance to sit down due to barbequing endless amounts of hamburgers and hotdogs that day. I was rushing about trying to make sure the toilets weren't clogging and Rachel was fed.

All things considered, Evan had a good time. I think at the end of the day he may have even realized it was all for him. And that is what makes it all worthwhile. He got to watch a video/picture slideshow of his life from ages 1-2, sing happy birthday twice, and jump in a bounce house with a ball pit just his size. It was an exciting day. I was overjoyed at the turn out. I was kind of worried if people would show up since we live "so far" from Orange County. It was great though. Even my friend who is 37 weeks pregnant was there with bells on! Thanks Jennifer, I know it's rough at the end.


Anyway, the birthday party was entertaining. The next day, however, was not. I took both kids to be vaccinated at the same time. Hmmm…I seriously don't know how I would have done it without my mom there to help me. Rachel was screaming bloody murder while Evan was being poked and prodded and then Evan was whining when the tables turned. My poor little 17 pounder had 3 shots. And Evan, 1. The day was a little nuts. I then proceeded to drive through Pop Eyes Chicken where I waited practically 30 minutes at the drive thru!!! And then our journey home consisted of dropping off rental chairs at an abandoned hole in the wall. Yes they said they would be back at three - it was 3:10 and they were no where to be found. Since I had a screamer in the car I took the liberty of leaving 20 chairs on the "porch" of the store.

Then, as if matters weren't irritating enough, I had an appointment with an oral surgeon today. Seems I need my third molars out. And fast. The two poking in on top are messing with my smile. And that smile took me three years of torture to get. (Braces). So I have to have this surgery ASAP. And it turns out I can't nurse Rachel for 24-36 hours after. I don’t know for sure how I will handle this. I need a babysitter for the kids and a driver to take me there. And I need milk to feed her prior to the surgery and I need to pump out afterward as well. How do normal people do normal things in life with kids? Am I just overdramatic? I feel like I constantly have to arrange things and plan things out perfectly to get what a person without kids could do in 5 minutes….the joys of motherhood.

March 5, 2009

Happiest Place on earth...not today.

Today was, in a word....frenzied. We went to Disneyland in the afternoon. We planned on trying to go this morning but other things came packing a bag to leave the house! Somehow doing just that took me hours. Time flies when you are running around like a headless chicken. I seriously was. I wanted things to be so perfect today. I planned and organized and prepped everything. Then, my world ended when all failed. We got there at 4:30pm. It was cold. It was crowded. It was closing at 8! What the? So we spent just a few hours there, but I never knew I would be counting the minutes until we left (did I grow up?) . Even with two people watching after two kids, it was hard. We attempted the umbrella stroller and baby carrier. It worked until baby was hungry and toddler was super-overexcited. That was about 30 minutes into our excapade. LOL. Wow I wish I could say it was the happiest place on earth but I wanted nothing more than to slam my head into a wall. People are so freakin rude there too. I don't know if its the OC locals or the bad-mannered tourist. They cut in line, they push, shove, and are just plain rude. Adam is a tad high stress in crowds so that could have been it too.

Evan on the "choo choo"

All in all the driving force of our day was for Evan to have an enjoyable, memorable (wait, they don't remember things at 2) birthday. He did. He loved the train, and the other train, and the carousel and "Its a small world after all, it's a small world after all, its a small small world. Its a world of laughter a world of tears, its a world of fun, its a world of fears." I just wanted to share that experience with you - getting a song like that stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

I am just tired. Sorry for being so cynical and sarcastic. I love Disneyland, really I do. Today it was just different. I think I will go back again with just Evan. I think I could handle that. No grumpy hubby, no grouchy baby. Our annual passes are up in a month anyway. I guess its a good thing. In a few more years it will be worth it...or...I might be posting the same thing. Only time will tell.

Here are some great shots of Evan and Rachel:

Pirates of the Carribean

This was Rachel's first time in a big girl stroller (she's normally in the snap in go)

March 3, 2009

no more baby?

So I knew this day would come. My baby has grown up. (Wow it just now hit me.) We celebrated his 2nd birthday today. I took him to McDonald's, just me and him. Fun times. I was having a blast watching him play in the outdoor playground until I saw the girl he was stuck in the slide with sneeze and cough, all over. Never again. Why would you bring your sick kid there? That must be the place you go when you just don't care what your kids bring home. No offense to anyone who takes their kid there, but I know now, its just grimy. I thought it would be so memorable, just me and him (maybe its just that one commercial that subconsciously got me there- you know the one with the older kid who feels left out cause his parents just brought home a baby..and then the kids dips his apples into the carmel and smiles at his mom. You go "ahhh how special.") Needless to say we left immediately. I know it is probably just a minor cold that girl had but you never know. I don't need my kid in the hospital with some infection or pnemonia or something. OCD. Sorry. I get it from my hubby, the RN.

We also went to dinner with my mom and dad. I took him to the Olive Garden, not super kid friendly but I figured I'd sneak a little present to myself in today. Like I said it was me in pain for 20 hours, I deserve a treat too. It was a nice treat. I love that place. So yummy. To top it off, we all sang to him and dug into their delicious white chocolate rasberry cheesecake (to die for). Anyway, enough about the food, Evan was so sweet. He even blew out his candle. A nicer memory than someone elses runny snot all over my kid from Mickey D's.
Later tonight when I put him to bed I always brush his teeth, read to him from his toddler Bible and sing to him. He usually begs me to sing again and again and again. "Sine, sine" He says over and over. He then cries if I say no and goodnight. Well, tonight for the first time, when the song was over he says, "done" and then, "I buv oo." It was so adorable - but I was stunned. He wasn't pleading with me, he just wanted to roll over and go ni-ni. It was a bittersweet moment. I love that he isn't as needy but I hate that he isn't my little baby boy anymore. He is two. (Tear)

March 2, 2009

Killing time....(tear)

SO MUCH TO DO...SO LITTLE TIME. We are planning a birthday party for Evan this weekend. I still have to buy the decorations, the food, and clean (my six bedroom house...UGHH). No one has really RSVPed except a few friends of mine...sad. I am the same way though, I guess, I never really RSVP until someone actually calls me to get a count. LOL. I shouldn't expect any more than that.

So I am just killing some time while I print out some maps for my best friends baby shower. I have to print thirty color maps (hence the time on the computer I am trying to kill).

Evan is in his room playing, and Rachel is downstairs with my mom fussing. So far today has been pretty good. Evan is a little whiny due to being at the MIL's all weekend and being spoiled rotten. Gotta love retraining your kid. When I picked him up yesterday she mentioned to me that he bit her really hard and left a bruise. I could not belive it! My kid, a biter. OMG. I was so embarrased. I really have to nip that one in the butt. He has been a victim of a couple biters and so I know what its like being on the other side. Hopefully it will be the last time. He is such a sweet boy otherwise, I swear. I think he does it more or less as a joke or like he wants a rise out of you. Anyway, I am just jounaling and if your are reading this, sorry its not very interesting. ;)

Tomorrow is Evan's birthday and unfortunately he won't be seeing Daddy. Its ok though cause he is going to spend the whole rest of the week with him. Adam took off 5 days just for him. We are going to set up his new Thomas Train, go to Disneyland, and have a big birthday party. I am excited. Tomorrow I am going to try to take him out to lunch. And maybe get him a cupcake or something. It will be kinda fun just me and him on his special day. Wait a minute, I am the one who went through 20 hours of labor two years ago tomorrow...don't I get anything? I will never forget seeing his face for the first time. I still think there is nothing like your first child. Sorry if that sounds bad, of course I love my kids the same, but everything with your first is so new and exciting, and every milestone is a first not only for your child but for you. Evan is a pretty amazing kid. He was a tough baby rolling over at 2 months, crawling at 6 and walking at 8 and a half. I should mention none of that was my doing, he is just very....determined. Let me reminisce a little.

The first time I saw his face
Alert 6 hours after birth

Daddy time, we had to supplement because he was jaundiced

Rolling over in his sleep

Crawling for the first time

Our VERY FIRST New Mom's of 2007 meetup! November 12, 2007

My monster - all grown up!

February 28, 2009

All you need is REST

Yes as a new mom, I am exhausted. I think I never really caught up on my sleep with Evan and now with Rachel here, I am wiped. But today was a miracle. She slept until 7am. I will repeat, 7 am. Ahhhh...that is music to my hears. I was so greatful too because I stayed up, yet again, past 12am. I was putting together a slideshow for Evan's second birthday. The nicest thing about it was I didn't have to get up with Evan (he's still at the MIL). Uh huh, every morning I have to make sure Rachel is not up with me while I go to get Evan out of bed or he has a 15 minute meltdown. He has to have mommy time, just him and me. I know, I know. He is spoiled, but I enjoy that time with him. Usually Rachel will wake around 4 or 5 and then sleep until 9 so, I get up with Evan at 8. We have a whole hour to hang out, watch some Elmo and get some waffles - which he never eats, he detest breakfast most everyday. I just started letting him eat lunch food for breakfast now. He likes Corn Dogs and cheese and crackers. As long as he eats something, anything, I am happy. You know those picky toddlers always know how to get their way.

So today has been very quiet. No one is constantly grabbing my hand saying "hand, hand" or pulling me away to help with a toy. I have to say, I miss him. But just having a baby or just watching after one is cake. Rachel is pretty easy. Sleep, eat, poop, play, repeat...She too needs attention and intereaction but when I am on the computer or watching What Not to Wear, I don't feel so bad. Nice, no guilt. I don't know why but anytime the TV is on, it's either Elmo, Barney, or some other preschool show. I don't even watch my shows anymore. I guess that is just to distract Evan from getting so jealous when the baby is awake and either eating or playing.

So anyway, I am having a nice peaceful day at home and I know that Evan is having a good time with his grandparents. I need to just enjoy it. Here are some comparison shots of Evan and Rachel... both around 4 months

February 27, 2009


Yes, today was bliss! I got to spend the whole day with my baby girl Rachel and guess what? She laughed for the first time! It was so incredibly adorable. I am so thrilled for every little thing she does, I am really keeping track of those milestones this time. With Evan I was so busy (going nuts) from him crying all day that it was hard to write anything down. We went shopping together! I took her to Micheal's Craft store to buy fun stuff for Evan's party next weekend. We went to Walmart and then to Lakeshore Learning. I am obessesed with that store. There are so many great learning tools there. Unfortunately they are very overpriced, I like to steal their ideas and make my own versions.

Check out my giggly girl...


I think I forgot to mention, grandma (my MIL) came to take Evan for the entire weekend. So nice, I know. She is really good with him and he goes right to her with no problems. He even blows me kisses as he heads for her car. So sweet. I have to say she is probably like his best friend. I love that. I had that with my grandparents and its so cool to see that bond grow. Grandparents are such a treasure. :)

So the last two days Adam was off work. Must I mention we didn't leave the house. I don't know what it is, but it is nearly impossible to get him to do anything. I know he works hard and he puts in a ton of hours and he loves his house to relax in; however, I am here all day long and I never get to leave. I can't really be all that mad about it though because I can at least say he is pretty good company. We did have some fun times. Evan finally got on his little Spider Man Quad (that I got him for Christmas!) He has been deathly afraid of it for months because it is electronic and kinda loud. After doing everything in my power to get him to ride it, including riding it myself, letting Rachel ride it, and all his teddy bears ride it, he finally gets on with no trouble after daddy takes it for a spin with Evan sitting on his shoulders. The weirdest kid, I swear. He is still a little scared but is coming around. Check them out....

Yeh I know, my husband is in this shot doing a pushup. Strange, but let me tell you he is a freakin' MANIAC. I hate how much energy and will power he has. I am so jealous. He came home from a 48 hours shift and decided to do a 45 minute work out in the morning, as if that wasn't enough, he wanted me to do an hour and a half of Yoga with him. I lasted 25 minutes and crapped out on the couch. I don't know how he does it. He is looking a lot more in shape so I thought it would be nice to show him off. ;)
Anyway, I am going to go finish a long list of TO DOs. Please shoot me now. Just when I have a chance to relax I have so much to do. Rachel is still in the car sleeping from our shopping trip...oh wait I here a cry. Gotta go!

February 24, 2009

Much needed time with Mama

So last night I went to bed at 1:30am trying to finish setting up my blog. I am so slow at new technology I swear. I finally am getting the hang of it now so hopefully I will get faster each time. I woke up this morning at 6am for a feeding and couldn't get back to sleep. Surprising I felt ok for only 4.5 hours of sleep. I had a pretty good day. Every monday and tuesday Adam works overnight at his station for 48 hours, so that leaves me home alone with two kids. I am so lucky though cuz my mom is able to come and stay over on Monday night, help me with my laundry, swiffer my floors, change diapers and make dinner. Ohh and we get to watch "The Bachelor" my one indulgence (we mostly make fun of it). It is so nice having her. I look forward to mondays every week. She helps me out a ton and it is such a blessing. Then on Tuesdays I drive into Orange County and drop her off. I usually stay a little while and then head for home before the traffic picks up at 2pm. Its nice though when she comes cause I get to put my feet up. Evan is well taken care of with every diaper changed by grandma and Rachel is held as much as possible. I get that balance back. :)
I got to do some fun projects with Evan today like playing outside with bubbles, chasing down the garbage man, and the mailman, and working with some play doh. It was a blast. I needed it. I needed to have some fun with him. He is the sweetest most precious little boy. He is so gregarious and socialable. We were outside today watching the trash truck pick up cans and dump them when the mailman walked by. He started to follow him. Earlier I had picked a couple of flowers for him to smell. He took one out of my hand and ran over to the mailman to give it to him. I was in shock. I thought wow he is really a thoughtful kid. Here some pics of our doh masterpieces...

Later we were inside watching I Love Lucy with my Aunt who has Alzheimers. He saw Ricky Ricardo on the TV with his guitar and began running around frustrated and looking for something. It was his little pretend guitar, he wanted to sing and dance too. So cute. I was a little late getting the camera but you can tell at the begininng he was pretty into it...

February 23, 2009

Two kids and not counting

So here I am, 26 almost 27, with two kids and a wonderful husband. We just bought a beautiful home in unincorporated Corona, (a small town called Temescal Valley). I feel so blessed everytime I drive into my neighborhood. After one of the rainstorms this season, I noticed the the sky was so clear and blue and the air so clean and crisp, I made a left turn out of my community and I couldn't believe how amazingly beautiful it was. We actually got snow! The city hasn't seen snow on these mountains in 10 years. Its such a wonder to think where God has taken me . I never would have thought in a million years that I would be here in Corona... in a house... with two kids. It just kind of happened. Somehow I'm here, this is my life and it never slows down. I do count my blessings and I am very some ways. You see, I am having a little problem finding balance in my my life. It is a daily struggle. I have a 3 month old and a 23 month old. Needless to say both are very needy in their own ways. I try my best to split my time but there just isn't enough in a day. Im torn. I just wish I didn't feel so guilty about watching Barney 10 times a day. No joke! I have to get things done. Things like breastfeeding my 3 month old nearly 8 times a day (that's like almost 4 hours of the day!) I gotta shower, get dressed, get Evan ready, change diapers, feed myself and Evan, and somehow squeeze in some quality time with Evan and time to do regular things like dishes, laundry, trash collecting, etc. Hmmm...maybe that's why its past 12am and I am finally getting some time to do "fun stuff" like blogging. Its just hard. I wish I wish I wish. (I wish that wishing worked). I know things will get better as they grow up and I will sadly miss this time, but I'm tired Dang it. I am sick of the guilt I feel for not being there for Evan or being their for Rachel. In some ways, I understand now why psychologist say the optimal spacing of children is 3 years apart. That makes sense now. A three year old is independent and usually in preschool. One thing I know now, through this, I am perfectly content with two. Its the perfect number. I have two eyes, two ears and two hands (thankfully). Adam plus me equals two, so there. That settles it. Im done. Check out this picture of my space cadet. This is what watching TV will do to you if you aren't careful.........(I think he's morphing into a cartoon chcarater. LOL.)


So I never thought the day would, blogging. I never really knew why people did it. Maybe its the word, blog, that kinda turned me off. Blog, its kinda silly. Blog. I don't know who came up with it but I am starting to slowly come around to the idea. I like reading another peoples, so maybe someone will read mine. Waste of time? Maybe? I figure it can be used as my journal/documentary of the kids as they grow. Maybe they will read it when they are older and appreicate it. So here goes nothing...
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