March 14, 2017


Prayer is a powerful thing, and in my life it seems the trivial things are what God uses to show me just how faithful He is.

I found my cat.

I know it may sound insignificant in comparison to the other two dilemmas, but when I loose things it drives me nuts! Even just losing a piece of a toy or a part of a puzzle, I go mad searching for it until I have turned the entire house upside-down. I hate missing things, anything, and in this case it was my dear and beloved black cat Abigail. I finally came to the conclusion she was really gone after the whole house had been rampaged and razed. I was starting to get a little concerned after a few days past and I didn't have to fill up her food bowl as often. I was thinking maybe my other cat, her brother Charlie, killed her and I was going to find her dead smelly body in a cabinet. As I opened each and every cupboard and closet (even checking the washer and dryer) I nearly hurled through the air at the sound of a creak or crack. I did not want to witness a stiff and lifeless creature I once cherished (yet neglected). Anyway, I prayed and prayed and waited and searched inside and out. I drove around the neighborhood hoping to find her straggling across the street or hiding in some neighbor's bushes. I kept thinking she was okay, and praying she was safe. With no luck the first night and coming back empty handed I somehow felt peace. I knew I would find her. I trusted God would lead me to her. And that's exactly what He did the next afternoon. I just kept praying all day, almost by the minute. Driving though the neighborhood gaping out the window on the rainy Sunday morning I felt like such a dreadful master. I pictured her sick and scrawny and looking like a wet rat out in the rain. She didn't even know what rain was, this cat has never been outside, not once! I roamed the streets for a while and subsequently came upon a flyer posted on one of the community mailboxes. It read: MISSING in big bold letters and there was a photo of a little black cat almost identical to my little Abbey…except her name was Winnie. Hmmm…I took down the number in hopes that maybe this person found their cat. I was searching for some optimism. I called and what do you know, they had her for over three days, taking care of her and keeping her safe and warm. According to them, she was found a few houses down from them in a neighbor's backyard. The kids who found her thought she was Winnie and called the number posted on the flyer, they brought her over to them right away. Only to their dismay it was not their cat Winnie. The family who found her was going to take her to the pound the next day, but the owners of Winnie wouldn't have it and decided to take her in as their own. Even when I showed up at their house I knew she was being spoiled rotten. The way the lady was holding her (like a baby) as she talked about her sleeping in their bed made me chuckle a little. They even gave her a name…Chloe!
Sorry this story got so tremendously long, I am so wordy when I tell stories (maybe that's why I'm so lonely at parties?). The moral of the story for me is that even in the minut and marginal details of your life; God cares and wants to bless you. I am so thankful she is back. Although, I'm not sure if she wants to be back (she has tried to escape twice), she's back. What a relief.
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  1. Wow, I can't believe you found her (AND that she's trying to escape again! Lol). I also HATE losing things and tell long stories. Wanna hang out? Lol. We can bore each other! Ha!!


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