October 27, 2013

right now:

i really don't feel like i have anything exciting enough to share these days.
not that my days are suddenly unexciting.. but blogging seems more foreign to me lately..
even within the 'share your story' concept

i guess the real truth is, i have zero time for social media.

since this new season has begun, life is busier than ever.
it's a good busy, an intentional full busy, if there was ever a thing.

i'll be quick.
right now:

*im reading:  Humility by Andrew Murray. i got the hankering for a new read so one day i decided to search amazon for a book... on humility. {gulp.} oddly enough there aren't a ton of great books on the topic... and yet, the foundation of our faith is based on this very virtue? this one is eye opening, deep and a bit painful. suffice to say, i've learned my lesson. never ask for humilty. why you ask?  ummm.. humiliation is sure to follow... your humanness surfaces and flaws somehow emerge to the forefront of not only the secret crevices of your heart, but in your actions and circumstances.. it's ugly and brutal. and yet, i can rejoice. (agh! if only i could apply that part.) for in my weakness, He is strong. 

*im enjoying: more face to face community. seeing people and interacting more. putting myself out there in ways i've always feared.. trying to genuinely care about people. and finding there are so many who need caring for, it's overwhelming.

*im listening to: Dustin Kensrue's new album, the Water & the Blood. and loving the camaraderie evoked through the lyrics. it's singing what feels like fight songs. 

*im thinking about: this week and praying i survive it. lined up i got
-monday=cleaning&laundry day/photoshoot
-tuesday=6 hrs of preschool (did i mention i have two classes now?)/photoshoot/company for dinner
-wednesday=prep for Preschool Fall party,
-thursday=helping at Evan and Rachel's class parties/Preschool Fall Party!!!/halloween night
-saturday=knotts for Rachel's b-day/mini surprise party at g-ma and papa's
-sunday=teaching sunday school/buddy walk where we'll meet up with Alli's birth mum (she is officially out) and her entire fam.
FUN FUN! need serious prayer.. all of these things are sort of huge in my mind right now and i feel small (maybe that's the point.)

*im snacking on: fancy cheeses from TJs. this week's? chocolate cheddar.

*im drinking: green fin. its a red. super cheap and mild. TJs

*im making: lists and more lists. think robert irvine's dinner impossible. that is my life. i'm that anxious (right now).

*im wearing: long cardigans and skinny jeans. my hair is a wreck and so is pretty much everything else about my appearance. i should really prioritize plucking my brows and shaving more. tmi?

*im feeling: worn. im still cranking out most evenings solo. i miss adam terribly. and im sick of complaining about his crappy hours. i had hoped by adding the new preschool class that he could take off one extra day, but then his car took a dump on him and it's always something. sigh.

*im in love with: lightroom. i can't believe i did without for so long. it's a little daunting to learn a whole new program, but its lightning speed will make it well worth it.

*i can't stand: Seamus. not joking. i now understand why he's been taken back to the shelter by previous owners-more than once. he's gets into everything! tonight he managed to sneak into the diaper pail and smear the gel-like substance of a soiled diaper across my hall and all the way down the stairs. now i have gel balls of pee imbedded in my carpet giving off a lovely pee fragrance.  he also chews up our couch pillows and bites holes in Alli's blankets. apparently he thrives off spit up and pee. uhhhg! just annoyed. i throw my hands up. 

*im praying for: my 'tude. life is so full and rich ..and last week i was fine. now i'm whining and i'm missing out.

*im feeling proud: of my kids. each of them so unique, they amaze me. and i feel blessed to be their mama. the older two had their school conferences last week and i was quite surprised to hear such good reports from their teachers.

*im loving all things: pumpkin. 

*im excited about: thanksgiving. it's totally my favorite holiday. no hype. no rush. just family and full hearts -and bellies.

*im missing: blogging. beyond the busyness, im tongue tied in this space. i have draft upon draft of now wasted thoughts.. and energy. it's all so quiet. it seems when Reader left so did the readers.

happy week ahead, y'all. and hopefully i'll have happier things to share. 


  1. Lord, your week sounds BUSY. Praying you get through it all with grace and sanity! I prescribe a glass of wine per night. ;)

  2. So glad you are loving Lightroom!! I can't imagine life without it :)

    Ifeel llike hardly anyone blogs anymore, I thinkiit's because they just go to social media instead.

  3. I love the realness of this post and that book as been on my radar for a few weeks now. I also just started "When Helping Hurts" and thought of you. Put that somewhere next in line. Love and hugs and tons of prayer for you!


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