October 10, 2013

Personalities in Pictures

Every so often I like to capture this fleeting season of childhood with a few images that encapsulate each of their unique-in-this-age personalities.

Here we have:

PicMonkey Collage3
first off, Evan, still the buzz bucket.
YOU firstborn,
:: are changing like crazy. everyday you feel so much older than the last.
:: have such a soft compassionate heart for others- just tonight out of the clear blue sky you asked me to pray for Ellie and for the kids at your school who don't know Jesus
:: are a hoarder... of memories.. every last sticky juice box or popsicle stick represents something you cared about enough to want to remember it.. (im sorry to say that i throw those pieces of trash away)
:: love first grade and seem to have the groove of the 6 hour day down (it's so bittersweet for Mama)
:: math/logic is your strong suit. your 6 year old deductive reasoning skills is unheard of!
:: reading has been rough for you. many times i catch you reading the words backwards and when it comes to memorizing sight words, well.. not your favorite thing.. we are going to get your eyes checked just to cross that off the list.
:: love collecting things. right now it's rocks. you have been obsessed with trying to find a geode even after we've told you that would be pretty close to impossible.
:: are still very hyperactive, so we put you in gymnastics with your sister. im also grateful to your teacher who seems to know how to channel that energy really well (i.e. 100 mile club)
:: have lots and lots of ideas. and you are determined to put them into action
:: if you lose something special to you, you will spend about 4-6 hours looking for it. one day i helped you look for the cap to your brand new mechanical pencil for over and hour, only to end up giving you a lesson on time management and priorities. i think i was being taught the same lesson that day (bahaha)!
:: are a creative, artist. coloring and drawing up pictures is one of your favorite things to do still.
:: eat like a horse but have various texture preferences. one day you'll gobble eggs, the next day you gag on eggs.
:: are growing like a weed. i need to get you some 7T pants and winter clothes soon!
:: still call me Ma-ma and at night you can't sleep without a song, a back rub, and a prayer.
:: still talk about becoming a nurse like daddy.
:: are emotional ... especially if you were stuck on an idea we can't accomplish
:: have a crush on a girl from your old Kinder class. you haven't seen her in months since she is home schooled now, but you talk about her everyday.
:: are an amazing big brother.. you adore your siblings. Rachel's teacher told me you wait for her at recess every day (she eats lunch when you have first recess) . He said when you see her your whole face lights up and you clobber her with a bear hug.. way to make a Mama's day hearing that.
:: are an amazing kid, Evan. we heard you stood up to a bully a couple weeks ago - twice! and today you came home with a token for not lying to your teacher- when you were given the opportunity to get ahead.
Mama and Daddy both are so proud of you. we pray for your heart to always keep room for Jesus and we pray for wisdom in parenting you.. may God be glorified in your life always. love you!

  PicMonkey Collage1
Rachel, the unpredictable one
YOU, precious daughter:
:: have matured dramatically in the past couple months -
:: are still a total girl - sassy and stubborn but of course, and im hoping this isn't just the foreshadowing part of that.
:: you love Transitional Kindergarten and your kind of obsessed with Mr. Hughes - you asked if you can be him for Halloween. hmmm..
:: are very curious about the world and ask about 43298423098 questions a day
:: are not a morning person, I repeat NOT a morning person. yikes for your hubby one day.
:: need tucking in (like Evan) every night. yes, y'all have mama trained.
:: like attention, but not too much because
:: are bashful
:: are mommy's 1st cousin's look alike. your features are becoming more and more like her's it scary - i need to get a comparison pic up.
:: eat snackies all day and barely touch meals of any sort- unless it's corn dogs or chick-fil-a
:: are self conscious/ image conscious and have been since birth! i don't know how this happened. every morning is a battle. YOU have to choose what you will wear in the morning. and more often than not, it doesn't match or you wore it the day before or the day before that. i decided to stop fighting this battle.. i only wish i could put a sign on you that said "i dress myself." (ha!)
:: have a serious sweet tooth - and you're still sneaky!
: enjoy pretend play more than anything right now.. i hear you and Nick making up all kinds of silly scenarios. "mom and dad" is a game you guys play together and tea parties too.
:: enjoy reading books and putting puzzles together.
:: are competitive.. mainly with Evan. you like being the leader, the boss. and so does Evan. eek!
:: worship Jake and the Neverland Pirates- i swear this show is like crack for kids
:: are learning a ton in school. more specifically, pronunciation. just the other day we were cutting pictures out of a magazine that start with P.  you pointed to the computer and said "look ma, a puter."
:: have amazing dexterity which means your penmanship should be really good. but you are not a fan of homework these days so writing is considered a chore to you.
:: love daddy-daughter dates and mommy ones to. JAMBA JUICE!!
:: are sort of the alpha female socially speaking, but you don't initiate friendships, so you tend to get along better with kids a little bit younger than you, who pursue you.
:: are growing up. i let you help me out in the younger preschool class i have when you get home and it's like night and day from last year. you're the shining star now, not the rebel. no, that's your brother Nick now.
:: and Nick are like BFFs. i think it's because you found someone who will follow your orders..
:: are learning the ropes of life still, figuring it out one day at a time...five is around the corner now and it is so scary to think how quickly the time has gone. i pray to be intentional with you and love you fiercely in the way you feel love. I pray God moves powerfully in your life and that you grab hold of Him with a faith no one or nothing can ever sway. you are a beautiful little girl with such a sweet spirit. im thankful to be your mama! i love you, Rachel.

  PicMonkey Collage2Nick, oh boy where to start...
YOU crazy boy:
:: are potty trained!!! just within the last month. phew! one day we made you do it. M-A-D-E you. and from then on you never skipped a beat. you even wear undies to bed with no accidents (knock on wood).
:: are a handful, my biggest right now
:: are a dare devil - no fear whatsoever. which leads to...
:: are an accident prone, klutz. if i ever have a kid to break a bone first, it will be you. in fact you are the only one that's been to the ER more than once, and the only one who almost died choking.
:: are super sensitive and cuddly - you climb into my bed at least 3 nights a week.
:: are a total mama's boy and cry when i drop you off anywhere, but then you cry when i pick you up too
:: LOVE being "the baby" still - you've been workin this system for 3 years, im not sure it will change even with a new baby here.
:: are gregarious, and beyond charming. however, its only with people you innately like. some people- i have no idea why- you just don't click with and you blow them off.
:: are the silliest of the brood - your laugh is always from deep within the belly.
:: are a master at independent play. you entertain yourself for hours and hours and rarely want or need help
:: are attending mama's tot preschool class - what's nice is you are being socialized. something you haven't really had is friends your age.
:: are a musical genius... you can hear a song once and repeat the tune perfectly..
:: still do not like being told what to do, like ever. you are my hardest student.. lye!
:: are obsessed with cars - all cars! and lately puzzles.
:: are such a picky eater. i thought you would grow out of this for sure. but no. you still have days where you will eat maybe one meal. somedays all you want is breakfast bars. it's maddening!
:: are the easiest to get along with of the siblings
:: sing and dance a lot. the elmo slide and "you got to move it move it" get you bouncing off the walls happy
:: enjoy your time with mama when the olders are at school. we play puzzles and go for walks.
:: are mama's precious baby- forever!
it's so fun to watch you grow, Nick. i pray you learn character skills and Godly wisdom. I pray God uses you boldly to reach others for His kingdom. you have a unique gift with people. im excited to see it blossom and poured out. love you, son.

  PicMonkey Collage4
Last but not least. the newest here. the delight that is Alli.
YOU sweet Alligirl,
:: are absolutely incredible. your therapist today told me you are right on target as far as your milestones.. as in not showing delay.. did i hear that right?! i am still so blown away.
:: are such a joy to just watch
:: have the best facial expression/reactions of any one person i've ever met
:: have the eyes of a wise old soul - deep and piercing blue
:: are the perfect baby. can you say sleep through the night?!
:: are determined.. it's written all over your face and your posture. you want something? you will struggle until you attain it. this is a gift.
:: are smart. i am stunned a lot of the time at all that you can do. i guess i ignorantly assumed you wouldn't do certain things just yet, like picking up a block or pulling a blanket from your face... but you continue to keep me awed.
:: are healthy. i praise God every day for your health and your unbelievable strength.
:: want to stand up every chance you have. the excersaucer has helped strengthen your legs and you actually enjoy spinning around in that thing
:: are rolling all over the room. you don't set out to go this way or that (i don't think anyway) but somehow you will cover the length of the room in just a few minutes
:: worship your Papa. he makes you laugh and laugh. he was singing 'twist and shout' to you tonight and you were just cracking up as he turned and twisted you side to side. he loves you so.
:: despise carrots and most veggies but can't get enough fruit servings - sweet tooth much?
:: love love love to eat. in fact, your doc wanted me to cut back and give you more water.. so i do, but with prune juice
:: your bowels are weak and so that has been kind of rough for you. and me. sigh.
:: giggle a lot and smile on cue with every dip or drop - me thinks you will love roller coasters!
:: are generally calm most of the time. i can take you into a church service or meeting, i can bring you anywhere without second guessing if you will be quiet enough.
:: were hand-picked by God Himself to be our daughter. God has blessed us to no end with an unspeakable joy. that is, YOU. you light up every room, cheer up every face. you shine brighter because of that extra something inside. born with a spirit and heart of gold, you, my dear, make life worth living.. i pray God keeps you healthy as you grow, i pray He keeps you strong and on target developmentally. i pray He uses your life in ways far beyond my knowledge, i pray he does a work in and through you that would be more than i could ask or ever imagine. may you always stay close to His heart, and His to yours.. i love you, Alli.

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  1. Christine. GOOD FOR YOU!!! To be able to do this!!! Don't they grow SO fast?? I, myself have a TERRIBLE memory, and there are some things that I have tried to capture/jot down about my two M&Ms... It is more than wonderful to go back and see it... Too cool! :)


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