October 8, 2013

Blinded: the meaning behind 'the story of Curly'

it's not just me, right.... this thing is creepy?
read prequel here if you need refreshing on this sucker.

i have to say, when i discovered Curly was going to be a moth- and not a butterfly, i was pretty, well...bummed.

i mean what the heck? 
it’s becoming butterflies. not becoming moths! all those big scary steps of faith these past years?
with metamorphosis being sort of the theme of my life, butterflies are like my go-to analogy, they seem to tie up all those big Christian words so nicely.

i'll admit, my excitement to bring a real-life caterpillar under my roof was solely based on the fact that this soon-to-be butterfly would in fact be the perfect illustration of this thing we call transformation... a changing encountered from the inside out. 

but this is a moth. how ordinary and unappealing. hmph.

it took me all of three months to finally "get it" (shoot, im still gathering my thoughts here), more because i never imagined God would use a measly ol' moth to reveal my blind spots. that is, the blinders of my own partialities and prejudices.

moths are ugly, un-couth, un-noticed.
moths do nothing for me, they are drab good for nothing creatures alive to mate and reproduce. i read somewhere that the larvae form (aka: caterpillar) of the moth is truly the only thing it has to offer the ecosystem. adult moths are simply food for everything else. so in essence im raising up a soon-to-be moth that will serve no other purpose than to become another's lunch? perhaps that is the beauty of it.. raising him up to feed the need of another?

but im not really a fan of moths, they annoy me. and they're gross.
through my research, i found that moths use the night sky as a navigational clue. the moon being its primary reference point. so a moth's attraction to artificial light actually disorients them - they were never designed to make it to the moon or fly above it, so confusion results. then to make matters worse, they stay near the light because its brightness keeps them blind for a while.. kinda similar to us when we have our pupils dilated. there is also research to claim that moths have a built in escape-route mechanism related to light. if they fly up toward the moon, they are in the clear. if they fly down toward darkness, not so much. 

interesting really, how this little bug is more like me - metaphorically speaking - than any butterfly. [wheel turning pause.] 

in the beginning of writing this (almost a month ago, i got halfway^) i interpreted this moth as a symbol of someone/something i don't have time for, maybe i brush them off. it's a picture of someone i may not necessarily dislike, but definitely don't prioritize or esteem highly (within my schedule anyway). 

moths, in general, are the orphans across the globe. moths are the homeless and elderly. to me they are places like mexico and the man begging off Ontario. and maybe just maybe this moth represents, (gulp!) my very own grandmother! 

moths are the unglamorous in this world. 

and yet, when you dig deep, scratch that- when you see beyond your own need to be accepted/loved/praised/entertained/nourished and instead simply obey the paradox to invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind (i.e. "the least of these" -whoever it is for you) into your life and even dine with them - you will be surprised. 

no, not surprised with warm and fuzzy do good/feel good feelings, but surprised by the strength that comes from the joy set before you - the strength that is not your own. it's the doing-what-you-are-made-for kind of fullness of life. the kind you will know even before you feel. and yes, it can hurt and suck and scare you to no end, but with it are peaks of joy that will never compare to the highest highs you ever thought you knew. it's knowing God is walking with you, and smiling through it because that's all you need. the relationship you were made for.

so... on behalf of Curly today, i exhort you. find the moths, and live the paradox- not vicarious through other people's experiences. you, yourself, take the risk. adventure is out there! participate. it'll be a personal testimony of Jesus' work in you. and it will be undeniable.


but lets not stop there, because the truth of the matter is all of us are moths. 
we, too, get lost, off course. we buzz around the artificial light a little too long, we lose our sight. and many times we're blinded. we get stuck. still He loves us just the same. For HE is LIGHT. and we too have this same built-in escape route. 

from one moth to another, look into the Light. and seek hard because there are many smaller lights promising hope, navigation, and happiness. they are illusions of the one true Light- rip offs, and look alikes even.  how will you know Him? because He's kind and gracious. He does not force, He does not demand your good deeds or your money. the only thing He wants is your whole heart... 

your willingness to be made new. 

the paradox is: this great and powerful God we know... well, He treasures the moths.

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  1. I love this friend. But I still hate moths. Fervently. I ran from one last night, screaming and ducking like a little girl. ;) But I love the lessons you learned and shared from this. Thank you


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